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Craig Marshall

2023 brings a new calendar year and the start of the second semester in Burlington Public Schools.  Our first semester was filled with many successes and accomplishments.  I continue to be amazed by our students and staff each and every day. 

Our field turf projects at Wildcat Stadium and Wildcat Baseball and Softball Fields are ahead of schedule.  We look forward to our BHS baseball, softball, and football teams competing this year on this state-of-the-art playing surface.  These facilities will benefit our athletic teams, band program, physical education classes, recreation center activities, and the community in general in ways too numerous to mention. 

Pride continues to be a staple of our school district and community.  We take pride in everything we do, and it is evident in our academics, activities, and facilities.  Pride isn’t a class in our schools.  It is communicated and displayed by parents, family members, teachers, and classmates that is woven into our DNA. 

Energy, enthusiasm, excitement, and creativity are traits that are evident as I visit the schools in our district.  It is so much fun to see the teachers teaching and the students learning in our buildings.   


The second semester is upon us!  Enjoy the ride!!





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