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Plummer, Bob

Plummer, Bob

Hello, my name is Bob Plummer and I am proud to be the newest member of the USD #244 School Board. My wife, Jen, and I moved to Burlington in 2008 after completing nine years in the U.S. Navy and getting a job in the Operations Department at Wolf Creek. Currently, I am a Licensed Supervising Instructor for Operations Training at Wolf Creek. Jen works for the school district as the Accounts Payable Clerk.  We have two sons, currently in high school, who have been enrolled here since kindergarten. 

We have been involved in numerous school-related activities over the years and have enjoyed seeing many of the students grow up and prosper in their own individual ways.  Whether it is sports, band, theater, or a club I enjoy seeing each student find that one special group that makes them feel like they belong. This isn't always easy, and I would like to do whatever I can to make those opportunities available to everyone.

My only real goal for my time on the board is to help foster an environment where students, teachers, administrators, and parents can bring up their concerns and feel like they are being addressed. Does that mean every concern will be handled in the way each person may want, of course not, that's not possible. But it is possible for everyone to be heard and have their opinions respected. 

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