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As I am wrapping up my first year as your superintendent, I want to say thank you to everyone for the support you have shown our school system.  Our community is second to none!

I remember my first year as a kindergarten student learning the ABC’s.  I thought it would be appropriate to do a list of ABC’s from this past year.

A—Academics continue to be a strength of our school system.  We are preparing our students to be successful after BHS.  About 82% of our graduates go on to some kind of post-secondary training.  About 38% of our students leave BHS with an associate’s degree

B—Board of Education and our administrators/staff have really aligned this past year focusing on what is important for our local education.  We are trying to be more transparent and listen/communicate to the people we serve. 

C—College credit through Allen County gives our students the chance to work towards an associate’s degree while still in high school.

D—District improvements will occur this summer to our aging buildings.  We are very excited to see our buildings start to come back to life with new science rooms at BHS and BMS, new keyless entry/security systems at all three buildings, carpet projects at BHS and some smaller roofing projects at all three buildings and our bus barn/concession area at the stadium.

E—Exceptional employees give our students the best opportunity to learn.  We are very fortunate to have a strong, dedicated staff that meets student needs academically and socially/emotionally.

F—Fine arts give our kids great opportunities to show their skills and interests.  We are lucky to have a music teacher full time at BES.  BMS and BHS have had a terrific year with new band and art teachers.  Theater and shop classes continue to excel as well as all other areas in our school system.

G—Graduation for our young adults is a total team effort.  Burlington’s graduation rate is about 97%.  This is one of the best in Kansas.  Credit goes out to all three buildings.   

H—Hometown pride is one of the strongest assets we possess.  I continue to be amazed at the terrific things we do in Burlington.  I accept praise from many visitors on behalf of the community when they talk about all things Burlington.

I—Involvement and support for so many projects is evident.  I have seen the community come together for people in need, special events in our schools and many other special occasions.  Compassion and caring are innate traits that successful people possess. 

J—Joining the Pioneer League for high school activities this year has been very successful.  Burlington won the All Sports Award this year as the best overall school in the league. 

K—Kick off BBQ in August for our staff became a yearly tradition that we will continue. 

L—Leadership in our buildings is strong.  Our principals and directors do a terrific job in an ever-changing educational world. 

M—Many connections between our school system and a variety of local entities.  The Rec Center, Wolf Creek, Arts Council, public library, the county health department as well as many others too numerous to mention, help strengthen our educational process.

N—Nursing staff in our district is a two person crew that serves about 860 students.  Laurie Hermon and Julie Bull do a terrific job. 

O—One mill for 5 year tax increase to fund our BHS/BMS science room improvements and future BHS gym renovation has helped us move the district forward facility wise.  We greatly appreciate the trust the community has shown with these projects. 

P—Project based learning is a strategy that we utilize in all three buildings.  This incorporates a variety of subjects and strategies to help make education more meaningful.  Three good examples of this are the Decades Museum at BHS, the Community Showcases at BMS and the Wax Museum at BES. 

Q—Quality maintenance staff has worked hard to maintain our facilities and grounds at a high level. 

R—Reading is an important skill that we need to continue to emphasize, especially with the many things that can distract our students in today’s day and age.  Our Rotary Club in Burlington supports reading in 1st grade visiting our classrooms and reading to/with kids. 

S—Second breakfast program is being served at all three buildings to meet student needs.  We want to make sure kids aren’t hungry so they can learn.  Thanks to our food service staff for making this possible.  

T—Tournaments that we put on are always first class.  The state often asks us to host sub states and regionals knowing we have excellent facilities and staff. 

U—Underground water at our BHS gym was one of my first big concerns on the job.  Problem solving this issue with a number of different people, hopefully, has given us a couple more years before we have to replace the gym floor. 

V—Voices from the community have been very helpful to me this year.  I have enjoyed getting to know so many people this year. 

W—Work in the future for our kids is very important.  The Career Cruising program has begun at BHS and BMS.  Our BES staff is exposing our students to possible careers as well. 

X— eXcellence in extra-curricular activities occurs at all three buildings.  Our 21st Century After- School Program at BES is a safe place for parents to send students after school hours to complete homework and participate in fun activities.  BHS and BMS continue to excel in all activities with many state and some national recognitions.  We will strive to be the best.

Y—Young Artist Program at BES is led by our parents and allows our students exposure to art projects outside of the classroom. 

Z—Zeroing in for next year begins this summer.  It is our goal to be better.

Have a terrific summer! 


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